From Surviving to Thriving

Our neighbors need your support. For more than 15 years, the North Raleigh Ministries’ Crisis and Development Center has cared for our neighbors in need. Thanks to our partners, we helped close to 6,000 neighbors in crisis with food and financial assistance in 2018. However, there is an unmet need in our community. It is time for NRM to grow and expand our Crisis and Development Center staff and services to help our clients overcome crises and move from striving to thriving.


Our goal: raise $50,000 by November 1st

Meet RaShonna

For me it all started with an email, “Your contract has been terminated. Please return all equipment by end of day or your wages will be held.” 

While disappointed, I was not worried.  I had some money in the bank. I had the right credentials, and was confident I would have a new job in no time.  I was wrong. Three months later I was still unemployed, my savings were running low and I was facing eviction from my home.  I needed help. I went to my church but they chose not to provide assistance. I went to a variety of charities in the area and because I have no children, there was no assistance available.  

I came to North Raleigh Ministries feeling ashamed and defeated, I was at my breaking point.  

North Raleigh Ministries welcomed me. They offered me so much more than help. Even though keeping my apartment wasn’t possible, they offered me Financial Peace University classes to help me better prepare for the next unexpected crisis. The course has given me the tools to ensure I’ll never financially struggle again, and I owe it all to North Raleigh Ministries.

Help Us Open Doors

We need your help to expand our ability to serve who find themselves in RaShonna’s situation. Services that will better equip our clients to experience long-term stability. With your help, we can provide life-changing support to help our clients move from striving to thriving in all areas of their lives.

Expanded Services


Food Services

expansion to help more clients & include nutrition and health education


Classes & Groups

such as financial and parenting education, and peer support



Clinical Case Management

staff to provide comprehensive support to help clients reach their full potential


Financial Crisis Assistance

to prevent imminent eviction or utilities cut-off


a week’s worth of nutritious food


provides utilities or food for a family


teaching a family budgeting, cooking, or parenting skills


comprehensive life skills coaching

Thank you for partnering with us to ensure that we can continue to welcome all of our community members with open arms and open doors.